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Hopefully, amusing spider's web.
Hopefully, amusing distraction,
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We desperately need a logo.

Could all of you lovely shedders please offer me some ideas for a suitable design. If you are handy with a pencil or paintbrush, you can draw it and hand it to me at the Men's Shed. If you prefer to make your design on a computer, post it to me at

If you have no artistic abilities, you can explain your ideas to me and I will attempt to draw them to your satisfaction.

Keep shedding. Your loving webmaster.

The website is designed to hopefully, interest retired gentlemen and those who are unable to partake of     full-time employment, to join us in our Glenkens Men's Shed which is located in the 'Old Smiddy' in Balmaclellan, nearby Dalry and New Galloway, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, South-West Scotland.

Women are also welcome at the

Glenkens Men's Shed.

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