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I think that everyone connected to the Glenkens Men's Shed will agree that we need a motif or logo to display on our website and any other means of broadcast that might boost our presence in the domain of Men's Sheds across the country.

     I think that every member of our Glenkens Men's Shed community has the right to have a say in the design of such an item. Perhaps a competition is the fairest way in which to come to a decision for the best idea to adopt.

     Below, you will see three ideas that might awaken better ones in somebody's head so I hope you will all have a go and see what we can come up with. The shiny one is plastic on brass and the one on the right is rusty iron on copper. The one in the middle could again be plastic on brass. Perhaps rusty iron on brass would be appealing or brass on rusty iron. I think copper pertains more to a smiddy than brass does, though. Of course, ideas don't need to use a shield, inverted or otherwise or any of the suggested materials. It's up to you.

     I personally won't take part in a competition but I am prepared to be a judge in any such challenge, if that suits the majority.

     I'll put it to t' committee and let them decide if it's good idea.

Good inventing everybody.

Let me hear of any inventive ideas you have for t' website. Good 'uns will be most welcome.

I'll have spoken to Brian before you guys get a chance to view this note.


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