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Jobs Well Done

Since the doors of the Glenkens Men's Shed opened in October 2015, some of the local population have taken advantage of a situation not to be missed. Individually, they ask the guys who unwittingly found themselves in charge of the shed, if they can get an item of garden furniture or some other rundown object, repaired.

     The men are happy to do the repairs as it is an opportunity to gain experience working with wood and metal. The owners of said items are always really pleased with the work and reimburse the cost of any of the repairs that need money spent on them.


     Often, these same people make a welcome donation to the shed funds which helps in the purchase of tools and spares, hinges for workbench cupboard doors and other cupboard doors, wire nails and screwnails. All of the items needed to make objects like bird boxes or to purchase blades for the bandsaw or even the hacksaws, cost money that we might not always be able to afford.


     Timber that was bought recently to make a mezzanine floor in the biggest room of the shed, was a drain on finances as will be the timber needed to partition off smaller spaces on the ground floor beneath it.

     The RSJs for the mezzanine had to be purchesed and erected by a professional so that too was a drain. Luckily, we have some big strong lads in the shed who laid the timber flooring so all that cost was a lot of hard work, sweat and coffee.

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